About Us

About Enjay Enterprises
( Best Electrical Contractor In Mumabi )

Enjay Enterprises offers best electrical services on a contract basis. Keeping you safe and security are our primary aim while executing our electrical services. Maximum electrical fires are caused due to faulty electrical outlets, recent wiring, overloaded circuits, poor maintenance and usage of lower quality electrical products. We work hard for our customers, building a reputation for integrity and quality. Times and technology have changed, but our focus on honest service hasn’t. That’s why repeat customers make up a substantial part of our business.
Along the way, we have put together an expert staff of the best in the field who specialize in getting problems solved and off the table. Clients get back to us all the time about how pleased they are with the knowledgeable service, energy and customer-friendly attitude of our team.
Our electrical troubleshooting services include following:

  • Diagnosing and solving all varieties of electrical downside
  • Lighting/facilities maintenance and upgrades
  • Breaker panel upgrades and repair/replacement
  • Replacement and repair works of fuses
  • Installation of new circuits and retailers
  • Replacement/installation of sunshine fixtures
  • Underground wiring & replacement
  • Control wiring for existing or new equipment
  • 24x7 hour emergency service

Quality Policy

Key principles in our quality include a full-fledged Quality Assurance Program that ensures top quality to its customers. We have in place a two-stage QA program, the first being an in process QC checks and a final QC Certification check. Our employees contribute continuously to improve the quality of our installations and our management promotes quality assurance by incorporating all safety rules and regulations in keeping with and fulfilling all government rules and regulations.



" To provide complete electrical integration & Implementation to our customers by providing professional design, installation and support services. To earn our customers trust and loyalty by our commitments to quality, reliability, and honesty."


" Enjay Enterprises aims to become the number one Electrical Contractor in this industry by integrating its human resources and providing customer complete solution under one stop. The infrastructure should be flexible to easily handle all of their operational changes and technology migration for at least the next ten years with minimal maintenance. "

ISO Certified Company

Dedicated Team

Quality Work

24/7 Service